In 1972, California Cooperage® created the first mass-produced Redwood Hot Tubs for relaxation, romance and fun. First on the scene, these “Original Hot Tubs” were the highlight in many Californian’s backyards.


immersing yourself in one of the soothing California Cooperage hot tubs.

Enjoy History For Years To Come

These spas combine the features of the original redwood hot tub with the rejuvenating benefits of modern hydrotherapy.

Each model features fully adjustable jets, – your California Cooperage spa is prepared to do it all.

Flexible Options

Each jet is fully adjustable for air mix, water pressure and directional control.

Digital displays and electronically controlled filter cycles makes life easier, while warm, swirling water soothe and relax your cares away.

DuraMAAX Quality

Every California Cooperage spa utilizes DuraMAAX, a state of the art wood-alternative material that has the look and feel of natural wood – without the maintenance. DuraMAAX is impact resistant, impervious to weather and insects  and will never crack or rot.